About nymbl interactive and why we create for Virtual Reality


Acopperlypse VR spawned from our proof of concept "asymmetric multiplayer" VR and hologram experience. User isolation in VR and multiple users engaging in the same world is a hotly debated theme from clients to creators. Could this be achieved without the constraint of multiple expensive headsets and machines?

Our goal for VR World Congress (VRWC) was simple:

"Create a VR experience with multiple participants interacting with the VR player’s world, on any input device and any display."

Inspired by classic game mechanics, users compete via a "tower defence" theme in VR, and by a “fairground claw crane and button” system to control a UFO using levers. The 2 player experience was deployed on two unique devices; the HTC Vive VR headset and an HD3 hologram unit. Players interact with each other, in the same experience from unique perspectives. 

Read our VRWC 17 blog piece here: http://www.nymbl.com/2017/04/25/vrwc/

"The next evolution in content production will unquestionably rely
on being real-time, interactive, immersive, programmable,
non-linear, and viewer-customizable." -
Unreal Engine

VR has the potential to elevate our senses and emotional response like nothing before. This is why we create for VR.



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